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Offer Call & Delivery Service

Maximise your reach and your Profit by Offering Call and Delivery Service. Simply Provide a Mobile Number dedicated for the service and Inform both offline and online consumer by letting them know that you offer this service.

Here's our VMG Tips:

  1. Provide a dedicated number for the Call & Delivery Service.

  2. Make sure that the Number is Available both on Viber and WhatsApp, so customer can contact you on both App.

  3. Announce the Call & Delivery Service with your Number reflected on the Poster.

  4. Create an A4 and Place it on your Counter for the Call & Delivery Service. See Sample Layout below.

  5. Print a Tarpaulin Announcements so consumer can be aware of this service.

  6. For the Prescription Medicines, Pharmacist must get a copy of the Prescriptions. Save it on a dedicated folder for easy filing.

  7. Inform consumer that you can offer Same Day Delivery, You May use Lala Move, Toktok or Other Logistic Service that offers same day delivery.

  8. Inform the customer ahead of time for the total amount of medicines they purchased, including shipping fees.

  9. Lalamove, Toktok and LBC offers Cash on Delivery, Please Coordinate with them and set up an account.

  10. You may also ask the customer to pay ahead via bank deposit or via GCash Service.

Sample Layout:



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